Sunday, 2 February 2014

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R2-ST Astromech Build


Cor! Blimey! What a lovely pair.......of bread pans

Another good morning in the workshop. 

The parts for the ankle cylinder were filed down to sit flush. A few ideas floating around in my head (lots of space) on how to fix but be removable. Also cut the parts to start the cylinder end caps.

Strips of styrene superglued to the side vents. A couple more then file to fit and sort out the backing.

The 2nd bread pan was cut out and bent to shape. This was a little thinner than the other which was intentional. It did mean removing a couple of uprights. But I have an idea on how to get round that, yet still securely fix the bread pans whilst retaining future removeability. 


Seems weird getting R2 to a stage where he moves then taking it apart to finish and improve/strengthen it. Lots of bits to work out the fixings, then paint, then refix but I'll get there. .......eventually.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Yee-haa! up to date

After (hopefully) stopping the leaks on the motor, I decided to have a go at a cardboard template for the bread bins. Once this was done, I thought I'd start cutting it out of the aluminium sheet. Time was going well, so an improvised shee...See more
19th January 2014

At last a whole day in the DMW, but the majority of it was sourcing and stopping a leak on 'The Donkey' and fitting an additional reversing light. Then it was time to look at how to fix the booster covers to the leg.
I had already ordered ...See more
6th January 2014

Its been to long, but I have a good feeling about this year. Starting of with a bit of learning about programming the arduino. A proximity sensor program with leds and a buzzer as a too close warning. This meant playing about with the code to work at different distances and to buzz at less than 10cm. Quite chuffed with myself!

3rd November 2013

Long door inners squared off and ready to be glued together. A productive afternoon in my DMW!
Halloween Video

A little video of R2-ST in his Halloween outfit with the music playing. Only snag is I think the amp drained the battery so it was a slow walk home!!!